Project Brief:

We were asked to design an eco-friendly multilingual package for a local product. We had to consider the environment sustainability for the package.

Aaskareem is a local ice-cream package. It is designed as a simple family package on a cuboid shape. Its package is 100% recyclable without using any plastic, other than the plastic spray to hold the ice-cream safe to prevent melting.





These are images of the package from side, front and above view.


This is the template.



While looking for ice-cream packages in the market, I noticed that many ice-creams are in plastic packages. Only a couple of them are eco-friendly, also some contain plastic. My idea was to make a package thats 100% eco friendly and that can be recycled and reused easily. For the photography I tried using different methods of adding ice-cream on a plate on the side with saffron toppings to show the ingredients.

Here is the collection of images.



After a really long process with

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • product
  • social cause etc.

I came with a design for 3 different cloth detergent, it was based on the local clothes

  1. For thob
  2. For Abaya
  3. Kids clothes

In this project I faced so many difficulties especially in showing my idea as it’s been simplified to a smaller idea, but overall I really enjoyed it and I think that I am ready to make a real product for the use as we are lacking these type of products here in Doha or around the world.


Final Presentation

In this project I learned how we can do things abstract. It was not an individual project but a project with many contributions from other members. We had to accept each others opinion and work towards them, we had to work hard, no judging and be honest together on what can help and what can’t. We had to face all struggles and place the things others didn’t do because after all its a group project and if one didn’t do it, we have to do it so it doesn’t reflect against us. In the end the project came as what we hoped for and we worked on how can we install but also how can we work with group members that we never worked with.


I went back home and this time I focused on my background. I got a lighter color base and placed my word on it. I started shooting with better lightings this time. For the P1,P3,P4 and P5 I used guides or rulers to place them perfectly. I think this was the most helpful method as my overall poster looked more clean and clear.

After the critique I got slight feedbacks which is to move the paragraph up by two spaces and changes the font color to be white. I really enjoyed this short Project as it was a successful end having to merge all projects together.

I got from these projects on how to use Paragraph and characters. I can know the differences now more with typefaces, and I know more about sans serifs and serifs and when to use them. I am now more capable of building a poster and where to place words, logo, and sentences.



I wasn’t really sure if I should print it on semi gloss or matte paper. I tried it on both but I liked the matte because my background is matte in real life and its rough.


We came back with our 5 designs ready. The first thing I got was that my type faces are really large and I need to keep in mind that I am working with A1 size. Leland drew for my guides of where should I include my paragraph and sentence and he suggested that I make slight changes and I will be done.